Best Motivational Video 2018 – Sleep Sweat Grind Repeat


  • H2O2 5 months ago

    Pat, tell us about things beyond just monetary success, I understand financial freedom brings options and choices… but, there is more than financial success to life. You portray expensive cars and houses as the end all and be all of success, but you know that is a superficial way of looking at success – tell us more about the beyond of the superficial success parameters (if you have experienced it)!

  • Ronaldo Gomes 5 months ago


  • Dan Upwell 5 months ago

    is that a cigar in the end?

  • Pureswasser 5 months ago

    Thats amazing!

  • i-TECHNOLOGY 5 months ago

    Sleep sweat grind repeat. Got that. Thanks Pat

  • Cyn Doll 5 months ago

    My God!!!!! I’m literally balling my eyes out right now! Im married with two children and I’m a licensed master cosmetologist. I literally get up at 4am every morning to get one video posted by 6am then I get my kids up and ready for school, I stand on my feet 13 hours a day working and gathering footage. Then I come home tend to my children (homework if my husband hasn’t already) dinner, housework,dinner,edit,sleep repeat! I never go out all my friends think I work to much but I want this so bad and I know it’s mine! You just gave me confirmation!!! ILL NEVER LET UP!!! Thank you soooo much!!!OMG!!!

  • Thuis bij Marlies 5 months ago

    English is not my mothertongue and I really don't know what grind means. I tried to translate it with translationwebsites, but I still don't know. I only got weird words out of that. Can anyone help me please?

  • Rok Podlogar 5 months ago

    that's one hell of a materialistic view of the world. which is cool, i don't think it's enlightening though.

  • Smart Spark 5 months ago

    Ooo u wake me up PBD ….. I am improving since 1 week with great speed by watching this video!!! … please
    👉 Please I want to meet you once in my life

    Because you changed my life 😏😇☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝

    Please let me some clues to meet u ..I am from INDIA

  • ScottOne 5 months ago

    Not really that great of a video. I watch a lot of motivational videos and this was just meh.

  • Johnel Lopecillo 4 months ago

    alright! thanks pat!

  • Agent 77 4 months ago

    I am now awake 😳

  • John Charles 4 months ago

    Don't we all wish we can Sleep, Sweat, Grind, Repeat.. instead we're all watching youtube and reading comments, sigh.

  • Dublin Laguardia 4 months ago

    Make This In Spanish Too PBD

  • rahul vinal datt 4 months ago

    Really good Video

  • kahleel morman 4 months ago


  • FinanzFerdinand 4 months ago

    Valuetainment is the best

  • Khumoyun Turgunov 4 months ago

    Patrick thank you for that piece of art. I think we should run it on national television💪🤠

  • LordDecapo 3 months ago

    Chills… mad chills. From second 2 till the end. Amazingly done sir!
    I want to try like a 30day challenge to watch this every morning and see how i change

  • Carla Burke 2 months ago

    amazing my brother, thank you for sharing.

  • Prashant 2 months ago

    love u man u r my inspiration one day i will surely meet you at a same leavel you are and touch your feet because you are my teacher of life i watch your every video (i am15 right now and untill 20 i will be in the same leavel you are )
    -love from india

  • Oscar Waiharo 2 months ago

    Just seen this, watched 5 times in 45 minutes.

    Pat, you have no idea how big you are helping me put my shit together. Just turned 25 today and I feel like I am at ground Zero. When I make it, and I am everyday, I will give you a very personal thank you.

  • John B. 2 months ago

    Patrick were you on holiday in Greece, in my beautiful country? Hope you had a great time!


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