Tom Bilyeu on Quest Nutrition, Truth About Patience, and Teaching Entrepreneurship | #AskGaryVee 299


  • Phogole Mphahlele 4 weeks ago

    Ed Mylett was right about Tom. What makes him a great interviewer and actually "interviewee" is his level of intellect and self-awareness. Absolutely love Tom! My top 5 Impact Theory Interviews:
    1. Michael Orvitz
    2. Ed Mylett
    3. Bedros Keullian
    4. Seth Godin
    5. Strangely enough the interview with Gary

    His interviews with Brandon Burchard and Dean Grasiozi are absolute killers too.

  • think41c 4 weeks ago

    26:10 – You don't have to worry about it ever getting sold as soon as a buyer hears you say this. 🙂 Anyway, love your vids Tom/Gary!

  • Nadia Yadallee 4 weeks ago

    Yup, Tom was constantly interrupted – was super cringey, I had to pause it lol. It's a shame because I love them both and I thought this would be more of an insightful conversation but Gary kept on talking over him, it felt like he was interviewing himself. I love Gary's content usually, but the guy needs to stop talking and listen some more jeez.

  • Jane 4 weeks ago

    Gary “never lets his guests talk” Vee……😡

  • Khanan Abayev 4 weeks ago

    mfer, everyone is complaining about Gary interrupting and I just wanna say I loved this episode. It was great.

  • Edward Flint 4 weeks ago

    Frustrating to watch Gary talk over Tom.
    Gary is great for pump-up sound bytes (which is exciting), but Tom engages in-depth discussion, which allows for reflection, which is APPLICABLE.
    Tom is overall a more patient, and worth listening to IMO.
    They both have something worth listening to, but Tom has more impact 9/10 times.

  • Tejaswi Bitra 4 weeks ago

    Guys if you are feeling bad about Gary talking over Tom, you should see the Seth Godin episode of AskGaryVee

  • Your Favorite Lifecoach 4 weeks ago


  • ANDRE FONTANA 4 weeks ago

    They both have their valid point of view and provide a lot of useful takeaways. I just want to say that I lean more towards Tom Bilyeu perspective and his point of view of things. I feel that Gary is not respecting Tom's opinion and just look for people that validates what he believes is the truth.

  • Brad Smith 4 weeks ago

    Garry, I love you, but everyone is right on this one. Right when Tom is about to reach the apex of his answer, you interrupt with some other question that isn't nearly as important as the original one he's answering. And a lot of times the follow up question serves the purpose of turning the attention to you. For someone who preaches self awareness and EQ, man… you're just missing the mark on your interviewing skills. Please take everyone's advice. I can't tell you how many times I've been excited about an Ask Gary Vee only to turn it off 20 minutes in because it's so cringe worthy.

  • Yisel Yero Rodriguez 4 weeks ago

    what dynamics of the crash of 01 and 07 should i learn?

  • FluffyZergling 3 weeks ago

    two super ultra successful humble guys just hanging around and talking…..amazing

  • Nick K 3 weeks ago

    Gary looks like he's been on meth and hasn't slept for days

  • A. X 3 weeks ago

    like, literally, like.

  • CosmicSpace NINJA 3 weeks ago

    Love Tom!! Very unfortunate that he gets interrupted every 5 seconds. Why have any guests on, if you talk all of the time. Gary you should really take some interviewing tips from Tom!!!! Gary thinks he is the most important person in the room always.. and it is super uncomfortable to watch. Only a insecure man needs to the center of attention all the time. Tom needs to Win most Patience during an interview award!!

  • Drew Thermos 3 weeks ago

    Love this so much

  • Catarina Fitensity Workouts 3 weeks ago

    and here's the guy that could dethrone Gary 😀 #tombilyeu

  • Catarina Fitensity Workouts 3 weeks ago

    so…was this Tom interviewing Gary?

  • Joe Carrillo 3 weeks ago

    Wow, talented room of individuals!!! Great work!!!

  • bam bam 3 weeks ago

    I’m going to try to watch this again. Gary you are great, but rude AF! How the fuck do you get deals done? If you don’t listen you’ll miss shit. Fuck!

  • Mike Jay 3 weeks ago

    Gary, maybe talk a bit less. I will watch your video either way, but I rather watch them and not be distracted by noticing you constantly interrupting guests. Tom is an incredible guy, he was being very patient with you here I think.

  • Flisker 3 weeks ago

    Tom: "Have you read the …."
    Gary: "I don't read shit!"
    Tom: "Ah of course, I already knew the answer …."
    lol !

  • amays86 2 weeks ago

    Gary interrupts himself interrupting himself interrupting himself….

  • Jocelyn Short 2 weeks ago

    I just wanna say that there actually is a video game where you can rewind and see what happens and choose different paths #LifeisStrange lol But I absolutely understand what you were saying and it truly empowered me. Thank you so much for all of your content, both of you.


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